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Monday, January 01, 2007
  Happy New Year
Just wanted to thank Pete and Dominique for throwing a fabulous 20th Anniversary Party!!!
The food was tremendous. I'm sorry I had to give my photographer the day off today. So much beautiful food!!

bloody mary's
spinach and artichoke dip in a Blau bowl
mikey-b's fapizzas
moules by mr s. Balthazar Cookbook
stuffed breads of the house
shrimp toasts ala yumyummum

dinner was amazing!!!! Loved the stews Pete!
Lentils and sausage. (i did not know that eating lentils on New Year's brought money for the new year)
Millet stew (Both from Tom Valenti's Soup, Stews and One-pot meals)
broccoli rabe
my favorite salad that pete makes with toasted nuts and cheese and dried red thingys
a ginormous bowl o spaghetti

sandy's pinapple upside down cake (food and wine Holidays)
tiramasu by dominque
fudge brownies martha stewart baking book
LaurieO pie
mama Lara's Egg Cookies From her friend
Banana Muffins with Chocolate chips (adapted from recipe below from Maine Cookbook)

after dinner bourbon and rye....oh my
What does "20th Anniversary" mean?

Isn't someone from Maine supposed to know that those "red thingies" are cranberries?

Your brownies were the very essence of Brownie-ness ...
Oh, that wasn't a 20th anniversary party?

Growing up in Maine I thought cranberries came in a can once a year on Thanksgiving.

I'll let Martha know about the brownies.

Thanks again for a very fun day.
That party was indeed an amazing confluence of toddler-driven chaos and gastronomical brilliance ... highly memorable. Mike's pizza gets the Cordon Blau from me.
the brownies were good, super moist.
you can't get a bad meal in that house. one slight correction that Jen H's Italian grandma would require. Not sure why but they are Egg Biscuits. Like that rock band. Strange since we wouldn't call a brownie an egg brownie just because it has an egg in the recipe.
I forgot to take the muffins!
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