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Monday, July 02, 2007
  Summer Summer Summer Tart
Isn't this the most gorgeous tart ever? My friend, April, made it and brought it over to a lovely backyard barbeque hosted by Alona and Dani. Perhaps April will share her recipes here with us??? I absolutely love the pattern you made with the fruit, April! The thing is........this TASTED even better then it looked!!!!!!! Divine. Amazing.
And it was such a perfect summer day. Cool and sunny. All of the key elements of summer were involved.....Alona made a great tomato, mozzerella, basil salad. Dani grilled burgers and dogs to perfection.
Oh and the cheese before hand was so good........I meant to ask, what was that sweet flat cracker bread and where did you buy it?
And as usual, the best espresso in New Jersey. I may need to buy you a case soon. Perhaps that is why I am posting this at 3:00am?
Did I mention that I took this photo with my new iphone?????

can I come over and play with your iphone?
Come over and play anytime!!
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