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Saturday, January 06, 2007
  Green Tea Manhattan

My Blue Kitchen was honored to have Mr. S here making these gorgeous Green Tea Manhattans.
Beautiful photo!

I just woke up ... is it wrong that I wish I had one of those right now?
Ok, that just looks TOO delicious!

Is there a recipe for them? Or is it top secret? I'll understand if so.

Is it wrong to want one of those at 6:35am? Hehe.
the recipe is as simple as can be.
equal parts scotch and cold green tea. shaken with ice. served with a cherry, and a tiny drop or 2 of cherry juice.
Mr. S was a guest in my blue kitchen this weekend.

Mr. S.....would you be willing to share your recipe. They were dangerously delicous!
ahhh, we were posting at the same time!
thanks Mr S!

UNfortunaely, I did not get a good shot of those incredible little crispy prociutto cups with pears that you made as well.
Get a room.
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